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Our Manufacturing Units & Warehouse

Our business consists of 1 office in HCMC urban and 3 separate production units are divided into 5 factory and 5 warehouses located close together in one large area in the eastern Tan Thanh Commune , Cu Chi District , HCMC , to help manage and reduce production costs .
Unit carton production (unit 1st), including:
     * Production factory 2-3-5-7 flute cardboad sheet ,
     * Factory make complete and printing carton,
     * Warehouse for material Roll paper and cardboad sheet .
     * Finished carton box product Warehouse .
Unit production, plastic bags PELLD, HDPE, PVC (units 2nd) include:
     * Factory blowing film : PELLD, HDPE, PVC
     * Factory make complete for types bag.
     * Warehouse plastic resin .
     * Finished bolybag product Warehouse .
Unit production, vacuum plastic tray, vacuum plastic box PVC, PET, PSHI ( units 3rd) include :
     * Vacuum plastic factory.
     * warehouse, for Vacuum plastic materials & finished products.
Our units have a significant production capacity , is equipped with all the necessary machines and latest technology , the manufacturing unit helps us to manufacture a variety of products perfect . The unit is supervised by a team of experts who assist us in meeting the goals of our production in a stipulated time frame .


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