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Company Profile

Company Profile
Established Since 1997 , LIENSINHPack & Co. is one of the reputed manufacturers of leading industrial packaging products including cardboard packaging , plastic packaging bags PELLD , HDPE , PVC . , Packaging tray , latitude , plastic box vacuum forming PVC , PET , PSHI .
Our products are known for their superior features like high precision , reliable and environmentally friendly . We cater to the needs of various industries such as garments , food , pharmaceutical , electronics , automotive and telecommunications industries .
            We provide our customers with quality products in accordance with international standards . Furthermore, due to our customer as the center , we provide clients with suitable packaging solutions to meet their requirements . Besides , we have used a team of engineers , technicians and experts to ensure our products are high quality and customer demand .
            Moreover, to ensure that our products are high quality , we regularly organize the inspection standards of quality , such as accuracy checks , compression mode , tearing , edge Reliability waves , bursting strength , NPEO , BHT , VOC
   We are well equipped workshop units of our production on a large area with ample production capacity .
            As many professional supplier of packaging materials , from paper packaging to plastic packaging , we are an expert in the field of packaging . Not only in the scope of our products , but also the experience and knowledge of our packaging , we can advise you on the appropriate packaging solution for your product . The solution can be customized to suit you , using the latest technology when needed . By advising you to select a continuous innovation and packaging solutions improves reasonable to reduce costs in the preservation and transportation of your product .
            Expert advice we offer improvements to the selection of packaging and packing your method more reasonable . The ultimate goal is to reduce packaging costs .
            Due to the range of quality products and packaging solutions that we offer , we have created a large customer base over a large area .image-38906558dbcb059a40a3af2a2f6035b18da294a9560e6f51dc9ca58830b304a6-Vxuong 2Máy cắt rảnh tự động 2Máy cắt nắp băng keoMáy cán sóng indo

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